Train and compete to be the best. Only the strong will survive.

Enter the arena

Don't just collect and trade brawlers like some common cat, compete with them! The stakes are high: lose the fight and lose your brawler. However the rewards are just as sweet, win the brawl and receive the defeated fighter as the spoils of war!

Develop your own strategy to succeed in the arena. Higher speed will allow you a higher chance to hit your opponent first, while strength ends the fight sooner with harder hitting power. You will have to find out what combination works best for you.

  • ERC721

    Each brawler is a transferrable ERC721 token on the Ethereum network

  • Scarcity

    Each brawler has a rarity class. Find a legendary and it's truly one of a kind

  • Speed

    A higher speed gives your brawler a greater chance of landing their attack first

  • Strength

    Strength determines how powerful your brawler's attacks are. Finish the fight quicker!

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More Brawlers = Higher Minting Price

Currently 0 brawlers have been found. The price of minting brawlers increases in steps as more are minted.

The current price for a brawler is Ξ0.05
The tranches are as follows:

  • Ξ 0.05

    1 - 500

  • Ξ 0.1

    501 - 1000

  • Ξ 0.15

    1001 - 1500

  • Ξ 0.2

    1501 - 2000

  • Ξ 0.25

    2001 - 2500

  • Ξ 0.3

    2501 - 3000

  • Ξ 0.35

    3001 - 3500

  • Ξ 0.4

    3501 - 4000

  • Ξ 0.45

    4001 - 4500

  • Ξ 0.5

    4501 - 5000

  • Ξ 0.55

    5001 - 5500

  • Ξ 0.6

    5501 - 6000

  • Ξ 0.65

    6001 - 6560


There are 5 levels of rarity for a brawler. This determines their base stats and visual representation. The lower the number of brawler that can be minted of a specific rarity, the lower the chance of finding it.

  • Common


  • Uncommon


  • Rare


  • Epic


  • Legendary



CryptoBrawlers has something for everyone ranging from the cryptocurious that is just dipping his or her toes into the cryptoverse for the first time to the apprentice ape and the seasoned degen collector.

Our team of undercover talent scouts have scoured the metaverse and after much deliberation have assembled a formidable roster of brawlers that have each been selected due to their uniqueness and outstanding skills in combat. Receiving an invitation to this tournament is a once in a lifetime opportunity and being crowned BrawlMaster is a reward few can resist.

You can expect the lineup of brawlers to be constantly expanded in the future as new and exciting recruits join the ever growing brawlers league.

Meet the combatants

Irina – The Operative

Equally at home at a grand ball as she is at carrying out covert assassinations her slender fingers can either gently hold a chalice or crush a windpipe. Having a GRU operator as a father certainly did not make for a conventional or easy childhood but it has shaped her into a formidable killing machine that is determined to prevail. Famous for her elegant swordplay and proficiency with almost any type of weaponry known to man you’d be smart to forego your chivalry for the gentler sex while facing her on the arena as she certainly will not hold back

Takei Ichikawa – The Sumotori

Most people will find a Sumotori charging at them a terrifying sight indeed and that certainly holds true for Takei. You can thank the relentless bullying he suffered at the hands of schoolmates due to his weight and size for the savagery with which he fights both in the ring and in life. His carefully cultivated muscle mass and fat tissue render him impervious to small caliber weapons and almost immune to physical attacks. Do not be deceived by his massive size either as he can strike a flurry of blows faster than the eye can follow. Give it your all if you hope to best him or your loved ones will have to identify your body from dental records.

Joey – The...Kangaroo?

Whoever thought that storing highly radioactive nuclear waste in leaky barrels somewhere in the Australian Outback would be a good idea? Joey was convinced he had struck it rich when he stumbled upon the green fluid oozing out of a few corroded barrels. His happiness for having sorted out the next meal was short lived however as after lapping up some of the fluid he was shaken by spasms and fell into a coma. When he finally came to the dim witted wild animal was no more and instead a sentient, nay smart being that combined unnatural strength and cunningness in a kangaroo shaped form was left in its place. A few days later as survivors from a brutal attack at a nearby military facility were debriefed and swore they had seen a kangaroo kill their comrades strange tales about a mutated roo that could kill people with mere punches and kicks began to circulate among military personnel. While the brass was quick to quash these rumors, slapping a big old [CLASSIFIED] rating on the whole affair and issue public statements discounting the deaths as radiation sickness induced by improper handling of radioactive material they took care not to go with the lowest bidder when it comes to radioactive waste disposal.

Roland – The Soldier Of Fortune

Have gun, will travel pretty much sums up Roland’s ethos. Having spent most of his life fighting forgotten wars in places most people can’t even find on a map he is as ruthless as he is experienced in guerrilla tactics and cleanup operations. Rumor has it he joined the French Foreign Legion after he killed his fiance and the guy she was having an affair with but we were unable to locate even a single one of his former commanding officers or obtain his service file to confirm this. His allegiance is easily swayed by money and after all these years fighting for the highest bidder even he doesn’t know what keeps him going. His moral compass is as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks and if you want to secure his services you better hope no one with a deeper purse than you has an axe to grind. The only thing he is more devoted to than greenbacks is his trusty FN FAL rifle that he has lovingly nicknamed Daisy and if you care about your welfare you should not ridicule him when he talks to it as if it were his fiance.

AYY – The Alien

Your spaceship running out of Unobtainium fuel pellets due to a Phusion Core glitch while on an intergalactic reconnaissance mission is sure to sour your mood, especially if the emergency happens in such a backwater and inhospitable place as the Milky Way Galaxy. The fact that your Planetary Scanner then informs you that the only inhabitable planet within reach of the limited emergency fuel reserves is called Earth and it has a Interplanetary Development Index of -2 could also help explain Ayy’s cranky mood as he performed an emergency landing and vaporized the heads of the human farmers who showed up to gawk at his crashed spacecraft. Do not cross him on his quest to find some Unobtainium to power his spaceship back up and return to his X Æ A-12 home planet unless you fancy having your head dissolved by a phase gun.

Shaka Impi – The Zulu

This mighty zulu warrior hails from the mysterious and untamed heart of Africa. The son of an unforgiving land steeped in shamanic rituals and traditions and inter tribal warfare he has a penchant for utilizing the polished and sculpted bones of his enemies as ornaments and piercings. His signature weapon is an Assegai spear that he is said to have used to pierce a Lion’s heart as part of his initiation into adulthood. While he also carries a traditional Nguni shield in combat his biggest ally is the sheer terror that he is able to project when he enters the battlefield. The powerful aura granted to him by the whole of Africa makes him a formidable opponent and unless you want to end up as an ornament adorning his septum you’d best be careful when facing him.

Rapty – The Dyno

Getting bit by a mosquito would rank pretty low on anyone’s list of favorite fun things and yet for Rapty it was an unexpected second chance at life. Granted, being awakened suspended in a cryostasis vessel as the fluid is slowly drained out and the electrodes monitoring your vitals slowly detach might be slightly traumatic; but hey no one ever said getting cloned from a strand of DNA harvested from a fossilized mosquito that bit you millions of years and was by pure chance encapsulated and preserved in amber was gonna be a walk in the park. Want to know more about Rapty? Well, he’s big, he’s angry and I guess someone in the QA department at the lab that manufactured the cortical implant that was supposed to keep him docile and under control was sleeping on the job. Lucky for him he got severance... in the form of his head torn to shreds and ripped from his body by an enraged Rapty as he rampaged through the top secret research installation.

N6M14AA88 – The Robot

Maybe we should have listened to Elon when he repeatedly sounded the alarm bell over the dangerous implications of AI and how it could spell our collective doom. Well it seems the board members and assorted bean counters at Advanced Positronic certainly did not when they rushed the latest Combat Utility Model through the development process and rubber stamped it after minimal trials and safety screening as Our Safest and Most Effective Creation yet. History proved they were right on the “effective” part but the same can’t be said about the safety bit. Most N6M14AAs have long since been retired after the unfortunate glitch that surfaced as their behavioral regulator silicon decayed over time and they turned into unbridled killing machines incapable of recognizing friend from foe. Most of them that is… Serial nr 88 is still roaming around and has proven impossible to track down. But hey no worries thanks to its miniaturized nuclear power source its expected operational lifetime is just 8000 years.

Axolotl – The Aztec

We all know a good fermented beverage just tastes that much better if it’s served from the skull of a slain enemy and Axolotl would absolutely agree. A powerful and respected Eagle Warrior who fought countless battles he loves nothing more than kick back and enjoy a few cocoa beans after having slaughtered a scouting party from a neighboring empire. After being bestowed with the great honor of serving as a human sacrifice as a reward for his prowess something went awry during the ceremony and as result he transmigrated to this metaverse. He lives to serve the god of war Huitzilopochtli and his only wish in this reality is to create a pyramid with the skulls of his enemies so high that it would allow him to reach the heavens.

Baz - The Thug

Being raised in a dilapidated orphanage run by nuns more interested in the affairs of the spirit than the flesh he often starved or ended up on the wrong end of a leather belt and the scars left by the heavy brass buckle are still well visible on his back if not on his soul. A life of just scraping by and physical hardship have hardened his spirit and provided him with the grit and determination to use his hulking mass to obliterate whatever obstacle he encounters in his quest to rise to the top. His savagery allowed him to raise through the ranks of the underworld and he now runs one of the most prominent criminal organizations around but don’t be fooled his status does not prevent him from getting his hands dirty and in fact he enjoys the bloodier and more “hands on” tasks his line of work entail. His signature weapon is a giant pipe wrench that he wields to devastating effect. If you see him spit on his hands and twist back his cap you should start to recite your prayers. But a word of advice, do it silently because bringing up anything even vaguely religious in his presence is guaranteed death.


How many Legendary Brawlers are there?

There will only ever be 1(one) legendary version of each brawler. Once it’s gone it’s gone, no more will ever be minted as per the contract. So total number of legendaries will keep growing as more brawlers are added but it will still be a very very low number(think in the tens).

How do Legendary edition brawlers differ from the other rarity tiers?

Legendary brawlers have an orange background and the character has added visual flair as a sign of uniqueness and sheer badassery, they are therefore immediately recognisable. The added flair also confers the brawler a significant stat boost compared to its non legendary counterparts.

How does the Arena work?

When you place a brawler in the arena it means he or she can be challenged by adversaries with lower or equal overall stats. It’s no fun picking on the weak kid so the drawer menu will only let you select brawlers from your roster that have equal or lower stats than the one you are challenging.

Who can fight someone in the arena?

Any of your brawlers that are NOT in the arena or up for sale with equal to or lower stats than the brawler you are challenging.

What happens to my brawler if he loses a fight?

Your brawler won’t be happy about suffering a humiliating defeat and will seek out better management by joining the roster of whoever challenged him to a fight. You will therefore lose them permanently!

What happens to a brawler if he wins a fight?

They will head back to your account for a well earned period of rest and recuperation. You should treat them to a nice welcome home party but you can immediately thrust them back in the fray by placing them in the arena if you are not in a celebratory mood.

Can you have an active listing for a brawler both on a third party market/NFT exchange like Opensea, Niftyexchange etc and on our own marketplace?

No, if you already have an active listing on another exchange you will not be able to list the same brawler on our Marketplace and conversely if you have a listing on our marketplace and you place the same brawler for sale on Opensea it will be automatically removed form the internal marketplace.

How many rarity tiers are there

There are 5 rarity levels denoted by different backgrounds/frame colours: Common = White, Uncommon = Green, Rare = Blue, Epic= Purple, Legendary = Orange

How many attributes are there and how do they work

There are 2 primary attributes, Speed and Strength. Speed is how fast a brawler can strike an opponent, a higher speed value means your brawler will get to hit first. Strength signifies the amount of damage that your brawler can inflict and sustain.

Is there an easy way I can transfer or gift a brawler to a friend?

There sure is! Just click on the transfer icon on the top right of your account page, input the address of the recipient and confirm the transaction! Your brawlers will soon be picked up by our express transfer service and reach its new home in a short time.

Can I burn a brawler?

Management feels that “Burn” is a tad excessive. We refer to it as sending a brawler to the underworld (it’s still final though and you will lose him forever so think twice before proceeding). Should you wish to do so you just have to click on the fire icon on the top left of your account page and select the brawler you want to ahem, retire.

I missed some event or I want to double check something, is there a way for me to see past interactions with the brawlers contract?

Yes of course. Just head over to your account page and click on the notification bell icon on the top right to see a list of all the recent actions you performed.

I really like my brawlers and I want to know for sure I will always own them and be able to retrieve the associated art for each character, how can you guarantee that?

We are storing high quality pictures of each brawler on IPFS to ensure their longevity will exceed our mortal lifespan.

Can I place a brawler in the marketplace if i’ve already signed him up for a tournament in the arena?

No, you will have to recall him before you can perform any other action such as listing him for sale.